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General terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for the purchase of online vouchers

1) General

The contract is concluded with the Bad Murtensee SA, Hauptstrasse 5, 3286 Muntelier. Deviating regulations are only valid if they have been expressly agreed in writing. Only persons over the age of 18 are entitled to shop in our Internet shop.

2) Contracting, payment and delivery

The vouchers offered on the website represent a non-binding and non-binding purchase offer. The prices quoted are inclusive of any statutory VAT. The online ordering of a voucher via Internet is a binding purchase offer of the customer, which the Bad Murtensee SA can accept within 48 hours by an order confirmation via e-mail, whereby the purchase contract comes about. If no order confirmation is received within this period, the purchase offer is deemed rejected and no sales contract is concluded.

After receipt of the payment due on the basis of the contract of sale, the vouchers purchased will be provided by Bad Murtensee SA. The payment is made as prepayment against invoice or credit card payment. The paid vouchers are sent free of charge via e-mail and can be printed out by the customer. If this is requested by the customer, the vouchers will also be sent by post in the case of payment by credit card or prepayment. For any delay of delivery by post, no liability is accepted. If the voucher ordered online has already been sent to the customer before the fee for this has been credited to Bad Murtensee SA, the voucher will not be valid until full payment has been made and Bad Murtensee SA is entitled to withhold the vouchers until full payment of the fee has been done.

3) Vouchers

With the online vouchers, it should be noted that these are transmitted by the Bad Murtensee SA with a forgery-proof code to the customer. Since the customer can print the voucher itself, several prints are possible, but only one print is relevant to the value and redeemable. The first coupon redeemed in the voucher management system with the corresponding barcode will be considered as the original and must be debited immediately upon redemption by Bad Murtensee SA. If further copies are presented with the same code, then there is an abuse, which can result in criminal consequences. Since a voucher can be passed on by the buyer, there is no obligation and possibility on the part of Bad Murtensee SA to check the ownership of the redeemer. When redeeming is only checked if the corresponding barcode really released by the system and if the corresponding voucher was really paid. If the value of the voucher is more than the consumed service, a new voucher will be generated with the residual value. For operational reasons, the services listed in the voucher can only be guaranteed if a corresponding and timely reservation has been made. The service described in the voucher may vary slightly depending on the circumstances, but may not represent a relevant depreciation for the guest.

4) Validity, validity period

Pure vouchers have no expiry date and can be redeemed at any time. All other vouchers are redeemable on prior request and are valid for one year from the date of issue stated in the voucher. Each coupon can only be redeemed once, which is ensured by a barcode associated with the coupon or a coupon number.

5) Cash contribution, accounting

Cash redemption of the voucher or of the value securitized with this is not possible. The issuance of a VAT-compliant invoice with corresponding proof of tax can only be made at the time of redemption of the voucher and thus the actual provision of the service.

6) Security guarantee, data protection

Your safety has the highest priority. Therefore, data such as credit card number, bank clearing number, account number, name and address when paying with credit cards are transmitted via certified payment providers via their protected SSL line in accordance with PCI guidelines. In this way, no unauthorized person can read your entered data during transmission on the Internet. To ensure the highest security in the voucher shop, we use a number of additional security measures. Your information will be processed by us automatically. Based on the terms and conditions, the client agrees to receive promotional information from Bad Murtensee SA. A transfer of your data to third parties does not take place.

7) Right of withdrawal

Vouchers that do not meet your expectations, must be send back to us within 14 days of receiving our order confirmation. It is necessary that the written declaration of withdrawal are received within 14 days by the Bad Murtensee SA. The right of withdrawal no longer applies if the use of the service is already begun within the period of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal applies only to customers who qualify as consumers. In the event of loss, theft or cancellation of vouchers, no replacement can be made by Bad Murtensee SA.

8) Jurisdiction

All contractual relationships are governed exclusively by Swiss law. Jurisdiction is Murten, Freiburg. 

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